Synergia WZ UW wydarzenia

For employers

The main goal of the cooperation between the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw (FoM UW) and business is to bridge the gap between science and business practice, enabling the effective utilisation of both parties’ full potential.

Under the cooperation with the FoM UW Career and Alumni Office, we offer you the possibility of:

  • publishing practice, internship, and job offers for 3 weeks (extendable), free of charge;
  • publishing in the News section information on the running recruitment processes, projects, competitions, and other initiatives aimed at students and alumni. Please send information of this type at:
  • organising webinars, lectures, workshops, training sessions, CV consulting sessions with your business practitioners/experts online or physically at the premises of FoM UW;
  • engaging your business practitioners/experts in lectures at the Faculty (as guest lecturers at given classes or lectures);
  • joining the group of academic and business experts of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw (FoM UW). More information at: FoM UW Academic and Business Experts.
  • arranging branded spots/zones at the Faculty, where students will be able to use a laptop, prepare for their classes, relax, or rest.

Important information:

Offers on the FoM UW Synergia Portal can be placed by registered employers’ representatives.

An employer, to place his/her job, practice, or internships offers, should do the following:

• register his/her firm or institution;
• after logging in, fill in the offer form to be found on the left side under the My Profile tag.

Job, practice, or internship offers are posted free of charge on the Portal for 3 weeks (extendable). 

Job, practice, or internship offers of FoM UW Partners are highlighted with the sign “WZ UW Corporate Partner” and are placed at the top of job, practice, or internship offers list.

Current offers are sent to the users of the Portal in our newsletter once a week every Wednesday.

There is a possibility of posting a paid banner with an advertisement on the homepage of the FoM UW Synergia Portal (size: 360 x 360 px).

You can contact us at:

Partner Cooperation with the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw (FoM UW)  

A FoM UW Partner can be any company, institution, or individual ready to support the Faculty substantively and financially in its pursuit of strengthening its position as a leading business school. Thanks to our cooperation with companies, we wish to establish relations between the academia and business as well as use to a great extent the already established contacts between science and economic practice. More information at: FoM UW Corporate Partners.