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FoM UW Corporate Partners

We would like to invite for cooperation all companies and institutions which wish to invest in their market and workforce development. Corporate Partners are those who support substantively the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw to pursue its position as a leading business school both in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

The main goal of the cooperation is the convergence of science and economic practice, enabling the most effective use of both parties’ potential. Our Partners’ support is extremely important to the development of the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management and the accomplishment of its statutory goals.

With the use of sponsor funds, research, educational, and employer branding projects are conducted as well as investments made in the Faculty infrastructure. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, many celebrations, conferences, cultural and sports events can be held.

Under the cooperation with FoM UW Corporate Partners many common goals are pursued:

  • cocreating original curricula, thanks to the participation of experts and company representatives in lectures and classes for students, including postgraduate students;
  • presenting companies as potential future employers at the events for students, aiming to familiarise them with the specificity of work in a given industry, occupation, or position;
  • conducting common research and implementation projects;
  • development of students’ initiatives: companies’ participation in students’ projects, meetings with business representatives, workshops, competitions, case studies;
  • improving study conditions through upgrading the rooms, halls, sports facilities, and common spaces at the Faculty premises;
  • purchasing modern research and educational equipment.

Any company, institution, or individual wishing to support the Faculty in the pursuit to strengthen its position as a leading business school can become a FoM UW Corporate Partner. Thanks to the cooperation with companies, we wish to establish relations between the academia and the business world as well as benefit from the cooperation between science and business practice.

The companies cooperating with the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management are given access to:

  • the most modern Faculty rooms and lecture halls;
  • advertising media;
  • exhibition spaces.

They are also guaranteed to:

  • present their company logos at the premises of the Faculty;
  • promote themselves as the WZ UW Corporate Partner – Employer on the FoM UW Synergia Portal.

The companies that are WZ UW Corporate Partners are given support by the FoM UW Career and Alumni Office in organising meetings with students, holding workshops, seminars, and recruitment campaigns.

Please contact us at: biurokarier@wz.uw.edu.pl to receive detailed information on the Corporate Partner cooperation with the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management.


Our Corporate Partners:

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