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FoM UW Academic and Business Experts

Meet Business Experts of the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management!

The priority of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw is the convergence of science and economic practice, enabling the most effective use of the potential of both parties. Educating young people majoring in Management, Financial Management and Accounting, or International Business, special attention is paid to the practical side of the knowledge learnt, hence the need to cooperate closely with the world of business. Therefore, the University of Warsaw Faculty of Management wishes to develop a base of experts – business practitioners, who want to share their knowledge and experience with others, who want to engage in interesting projects, become mentors, business partners, investors, or want to find an adviser/consultant. We encourage you to learn more about our business experts, and business representatives interested in cooperating with the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw are welcome to create their Business Expert account.

Over 130 academic teachers, specialising in many business and management areas, constitute Academic Experts of the Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. Most of them are also practitioners with extensive business experience, recognised specialists (consultants, advisers, mentors), conducting many projects both in Poland and abroad, in which they combine theory and practice. Their most important merits are knowledge, experience, and interdisciplinarity.

Everybody interested in cooperating with FoM UW academics in the fields of banking, economics, finance, marketing, quantitative methods in management, international economic relations, law, psychology of management, accounting, sociology of management, management information systems, insurance, management, is welcome to contact a chosen expert.

If you are an academic or a businessperson and you would like to share your experience and knowledge with others – you are encouraged to become a FoM UW Academic or Business Expert!

Everyone who wishes to promote their activity, introduce themselves to the wide audience of the Portal users, or inspire WZ UW students and graduates is welcome to register on the Portal.

Once a registered expert, you are offered a possibility of publishing your profile under ‘Our Academic and Business Experts’ tag, which translates into the promotion of your personal brand or academic/business activity and networking with other experts, employers, employees, students and alumni of the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw University.