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Career advisor

Career advisor – who is it and what kind of job is it?

A career advisor is an experienced psychologist, business trainer, HR practitioner with extensive experience in recruitment and selection, training courses, and staff development. This is a person that will help you find your place on the labour market and flexibly change your job as well as can support you in choosing the right educational and professional path according to your expectations, potential, and talents.

A career advisor helps you to:

• learn about your potential and talents as well as possible development areas;
• plan wisely your educational and professional development;
• prepare a professional CV and covering letter;
• prepare for a job interview with a potential employer.

CV generator

For the students and graduates of our Faculty we have prepared a special CV generator. If you wish to create a unique CV, we encourage you to use our CV Generator available in your account!

You can choose out of three templates, each in 5 colour versions. Every template has sections concerning your professional experience, education, skills, and a short summary. Do not forget to add a professional photo and contact details. You can generate an unlimited number of CVs, using different templates and colour versions, but remember that only the latest one will be saved in your account.

CV consulting

As the first service under career advisory, we have launched CV consulting for our students, which is an online possibility of consulting your application documents (CVs and covering letters).  If you are interested in professional career advisory in this area, write to us at:    biurokarier@wz.uw.edu.pl.

Send your application documents in the editable version (Word) so that our advisor could insert his/her notes and corrections. Within maximum 3 days you will receive feedback how to improve your CV to make it the most effective in the labour market!

Note: We are planning to launch individual consulting online sessions soon, which will cover a broader scope of issues mentioned above. Stay tuned!

Meeting our career advisor

Are you unsure what career path to take? Do you have doubts concerning positions to apply for or would you like to change your job but you do not know what to choose? Meet our career advisor of the Career and Alumni Office at the Faculty of Management, the University of Warsaw (FoM UW), who will help you to identify your potential, opportunities, and chances in terms of the demands of the modern labour market.

During online consulting sessions with our advisor you will receive career recommendations, your career goal will be set, and you will learn about the most effective ways to achieve it.

Career advisor of the Career and Alumni Office FoM UW will help you to:

• identify your strengths, skills, and professional achievements;
• prepare for a job interview;
• prepare application documents (CVs and covering letters);
• find a dream job in the competitive labour market.

If you are interested in an online consulting session with our career counsellor, write to us at: biurokarier@wz.uw.edu.pl.